Why Girls Are Taking Up Coding More Than Ever

Over the years, coding has been approached with a healthy dose of skepticism by girls all over the world. Programming has always been seen as a masculine art, and it is not surprising to see some of the notable female developers taking an interest in this field only surfacing in recent years. However, things are taking a whole new twist and girls are threatening to be the next new force in coding. But why this trend?

Girls should get a stake in the coding industry due to a couple of reasons. The world is changing drastically, and some of the front office professions that were usually left for the females are becoming overcrowded, and girls are being forced to look for greener pastures. In this age and time, technology is taking over the manual, and physical operations and the core of all these innovations and amazing technological inventions go back to proper coding. Phones, IoT systems, computers, online commerce, and SEO are a few of the fantastic things lighting up the headlines and all of them heavily rely on coding. This gives girls a perfect opportunity to venture into coding since the possibilities are much more than they were in the last century.

If you take a view of the number of students being enrolled in programming schools, you will see that girls are increasing in number gradually and in the next couple of years, they will be a core part of the programming community. Coding schools are also providing an enabling environment for the girls who are interested in coding, and they have nothing to fear when joining these schools since they are sure of meeting other ladies who are interested in the same.

Enabling Environment

In recent years, there have been several concerns over gender equality and girls are also being offered the same, or even better opportunities than boys when it comes to scholarships and chances to learn programming and a host of other technical skills. This has encouraged girls who were previously scared of facing the fierce competition from the already hardened boys to come up and take these chances and trying out coding. If you check the internet, there are several organizations spearheaded by notable personalities that try to recruit girls into coding and giving them a chance to learn something out of the ordinary courses left for them. Some of these programs have subsidized the money that these girls would have been required to pay had they opted for the usual way of learning coding, and this has made many ladies enroll and learn to program.

Coding Is The New Literacy

In the past century, people who could read and write were the respected and educated ones in the society, and some of these skills have become a necessity rather than an option. In this age, understanding how a computer operates and using it for a few essential functions is not enough as most people can do that. Coding is emerging as the new literacy and girls are being forced to embrace it so that they are not left behind. In the next couple of years, we will be applying coding in most parts of our lives, and most of the jobs will require that knowledge as a prerequisite. Coding is a skill that can be used in various situations and understanding it can give anyone an edge over people who do not have those skills.


There is no fixed job that any coder is designed to do, and they can use their knowledge in several fields. In this age, people are moving away from the regular employment by brick and mortar companies, and technical experts are offering their services over the internet as freelance consultants. This does not limit a girl to any particular field but exposes them to a whole new lot of opportunities where they can exercise their passion and apply their skills while still learning how to code in new environments. Girls are becoming a force in coding since it is proving to be more lucrative than most of the other ventures they were being slapped on for the past couple of years. The new insight about programming with products from www.directics.com seems to be their lifeline, and they are embracing it to help them better their lives and have a more important role in the society.

Integration At An Early Stage

From a long time ago, boys have always been seen as the technical people in the society, and this notion has killed the dreams of several girls who may have thought of venturing into technical things such as coding in their lives. However, things have changed, and coding is being taught to both boys and girls from their early years, and this has helped to build the interest required to venture into coding at a future stage. Girls who had the stereotype that coding is a complicated thing to do understand that it is something they can learn when they are introduced to the basics while they are still young. Most of the schools today have taken a different twist in teaching young people. The curriculums are meant to point out the abilities and interests that young people have and then giving them a perfect platform to perfect their art as opposed to learning general things for many years and then being left with just a few years to improve their craft.

It has been seen that the world is changing, and the way operations are going definitely favors girls who have an interest in coding and all the other technical stuff that they were initially scared of venturing into for the past couple of years. Girls are performing very well in coding, and their progress may be something that boys should start to worry about if they were comfortable with anything. Most of the notable developers will be girls in the future, and this is something that is good for the society which should ideally be balanced and offer equal opportunities to both boys and girls.